Who We Are…

Quite simply, Seat Riot is your ticketing staff.  We are here to help you make your event a success from start to finish.  But we are more than that.  Not only are we your ticket supplier, we are also your marketing department, support staff, web designer, sales force, internet source, and more. What does that mean?  It means if you need on-site personnel, we will have people there for you.  Need help with marketing? Not a problem, we are on it.  Want to check your ticket sales on a daily basis?  We’ve got you covered.  What makes us different is our ability to customize our service to you, our customer, to make sure you get exactly what your event needs.

Here’s what you get when you work with us…

•             dedicated staff member

•             several ticketing options, including unique hard tickets, will-call, or electronic!

•             day of event entry support an effortless way to take event online

•             easy ticket sales

•             credit card capability

•             detailed event reporting throughout the process

•             the ability to meet your custom needs.


You are always in the know.  We provide online access to reporting details of your event, so you can see the progress of sales at any time day or night.  And your customers are in the know too.  Our online presence via our website, Facebook and Twitter will get the word out about your event and keep it in your target markets mind.

There are no hidden fees.  Our competitive prices include all our services, so everyone is satisfied.  We break down all our fees in a transparent way so all involved are on the same page!

Why use us?? 

That’s easy.  We are real people here to serve you, not just a website.  You will have a dedicated event manager working on your gig, one who is a phone call away to help you in a pinch.  We believe in customer service and the value of human interaction.  It’s a team approach that contributes to our success. We are the only ticketing company based out of Chicago, and we know the unique needs of the Chicago market.  We live and work here, and can meet with you at any location.  Our staff has all worked in the concert and event industry for more than 35 years, and we know the field better than our competitors.

Give us a call.  And enjoy your success

How it works…….

Go Live!  Our staff is here to make sure that every aspect of your ticketed event is a smooth and successful process. We will get all the details of your event online, getting the sales started from day one so that you can focus on other priorities.  We will also work with and incorporate sponsors, as needed. 

Choose your Ticketing Option.  We can provide bar-coded electronic tickets that your customers print at home.  But we are more than just a web site!  We can also mail your customers a printed, bar-coded unique ticket that is customized for your event.  Or offer your clients both!  The choice is yours.

Collect your Money.  We provide credit card processing that makes it easy for your customers to pay.  We will track payments, issue refunds for you.  Just sit back and let us do the hard work for you!

Spread the word.  We have the tools ready to help you get the word out about your event.  Once you go live, our team will post your event on our web page, spread the details on Facebook, broadcast the excitement on Twitter, and more. 

Manage entry at the door.  You’ve created a fantastic event, so don’t let party crashers tread on your success.  We have bar-coded professional tickets for your patrons.  Let us know how you want to secure entry.  We can provide staff at your event to take tickets, or provide you with scanners and let your people be in charge.  Maybe you want to go old school, and just rip off the ticket stubs.  The choice is yours, but no matter how you roll you will know that the only people there are those who are your customers!

Enjoy your Success!

Last updated: August 25, 2014